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Welcome to Tasteværk

Used upright and grand pianos - repaired in our piano workshop

At TASTENWERK you will discover an exquisite selection of high-quality uprights & grand pianos from German production.

In our piano workshop we take care of small and larger repairs on your instrument. In addition, we restore or overhaul pianos and grand pianos, which we would like to give a second life, so that they can make hobby or professional pianists happy for many years to come. Maybe they will find a good new home with you?

A changing selection of restored and reconditioned uprights and grand pianos is waiting for you, ready to be played.

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Our range of services


Refurbished and restored pianos for sale from our piano workshop


Refurbished and restored grands for sale from our piano workshop


We repair and restore pianos & grand pianos in our piano workshop


I tune pianos & grand pianos as a skilled piano maker with high quality


Pianobuilding with passion


We love pianos and grand pianos - as a piano builder, the piano is a matter of the heart.

For us, every single instrument has a life, albeit sometimes very hidden.

We at TASTENWERK would like to give pianos and grand pianos, which piano builders before us have breathed life into with a lot of time and leisure, new life for the next decades. Our motto is not to discard and scrap, but to preserve the value of traditional craftsmanship!

In our exhibition we present you exclusively selected instruments, which originate from the German and European piano building art. These are extensively technically overhauled and tonally refined in our piano workshop, so that they can come almost as good as new into a new home, where someone will play on it to their heart's content for many years to come.


A mechanism like clockwork


For me, the action of the piano or grand piano is symbolically the heart of this wonderful instrument. Just as the soundboard or resonating body reflects the soul of the instrument. The action pulsates, it thunders powerfully and with all the force of nature, and in the next moment it caresses the strings of the instrument very delicately! Even after many years of work, it is still an absolute work of art, and to get behind the secrets of this work of art requires not only experience and intelligence. Above all, it requires time. Time to see through its strengths and weaknesses, to respond to the manufacturer's own peculiarities and to use them as strengths. Because, a perfectly adjusted action gives you as a piano player exactly what you want: The feeling of being able to approach the instrument, to become one with the instrument and to simply feel good! This is exactly what we as piano builders at Tastenwerk understand as our task. FEEL GOOD WITH YOUR PIANO (or grand piano!)

Here You´ll find us


TASTEVÆRK l Klaverværksted & Salg

Nørregade 36 st tv

6330 Padborg


Email: info@tastevaerk.dk

Telefon: +45 50 37 20 60

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OPENING: Monday 11-16 and by arrangement